Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sounds of Construction in Malvern, part 5c

Some guys who go through their second childhood buy expensive sports cars or motorcycles, others buy boats, but no, not me..........I buy Legos!

I finally got a chance to use some of the Legos for detail parts as Rich has done.  I wanted to get a motor and cyclone put on top of the collectors to finish them off. 

At first they looked a little strange with all the bright colors, but with a little imagination and assembling them in an unconventional way [gluing them] I came up with something that could pass for what I was looking for.

After the the glue dried I sprayed them with an Oxide Red for a primer and base coat.  The second coat was Floquil's Old Silver which I didn't cover with a solid coat.  I wanted just enough silver on so that the Oxide Red would show through in areas to give it a look as if the silver was wearing thin.  I also painted the pad with a concrete color.


The duct work was made with sprues from old kits.  I heated them with a lighter just enough to stretch and bend them into shape so they would enter the building just under the facade.  I just glued the duct work into the square holes on the back side of the Lego. 


  1. Who would have imagined something as simple as Legos would add such great detail to a project. Excellent job! I love the idea of using the old kit sprues!

  2. Thanks
    My thought exactly after I seen Rich's postings.
    A fellow modeler said this "Simple and effective - a good combination!"
    I couldn't agree more!

  3. I've seen them used elsewhere you've made them look great with the painting. My parents still have all mine from my childhood so maybe I need to go get them out of their attice.

  4. Hi Phil, that was probably on LIRR's thread "L&N somewhere in Eastern Kentucky"
    After seeing his thread I couldn't wait to try them out. Still need to put them on the actual building yet.
    Might as well make use of them if you got'em! Legos are one thing I never had when I was a kid, now I wish I did. LOL

  5. Really clever idea Allen, they look great !

  6. Thanks Brad!
    But I can't take the credit, I'm just following someone else's idea.

  7. Man, Allen, excellent implementation!