Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sounds of Construction in Malvern, part 5

Along with all the new construction on the Crushmoore plant, Heavy Metal Co. is finally getting their canopy erected.

While some of the paint was drying on the Crushmoore loading shed, I turned back to Heavy Metal Co. to see about raising the canopy over the unloading platform, which is where I left off before the last ops session.

I added to one of the original sections of the upright bases on the right side so I could have a larger concrete pad where I can have fork lifts and stacks of coiled steel.  I used more Evergreen sheet stock for this that was scored with 1/2" x 1/2" grids to simulate a concrete pad.  It's kind of hard to see in the photo though.

The next thing I need to add are the two rails that the overhead crane will ride on.  It's unfortunate that Walther's never included a gantry crane with the N scale kit like they did with their HO version.  They offer one, but it's no where near the right size for this kit [or at least the one I got years ago is not].  I guess I'll need to scratch build one or kitbash one out of the so-called "N" scale kit I have.  I don't think it should be too hard.

Once I get that done I'll be able to glue this section in place.  Then I can get after the main building;  Add the roof and also cutout a section for a double garage door on the left end of the building, you can see where the two windows are missing.  This will be where the raw material will enter the building with fork lifts once it's unloaded off the railcars.


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