Sunday, May 21, 2023

Cupola caboose painting

I've made a little progress on the two cabooses this week.  After getting the holes in the roof plugged and filled I got a coat of TCP light primer shot, followed by the red, then the yellow ends and finally the black roof.  Masking was pretty straight forward on them.

The two little silver stands on both sides of the cupola is what I'm assuming are some sort of vents?  They were made from .040" styrene rods which were heated slightly and flattened.

I still need to paint the handrails white, apply silver around the door windows, you know, the tedious stuff.  I was going to try my hand at drilling out a window on the end to right of each door, but since these are not an exact match for the prototypes, I may just forego this bit of frustration?


Saturday, May 13, 2023

Cupola Cabooses

Decided to take a little break from JMRI Ops and do a little modeling.  I had planned to work on a few more locomotives, but decided to keep the project a little smaller than what I did with the GP35's and the U33B's.

This is one style of caboose that I have never had in my collections, but recently after watching some old  films turned to video and posted on YouTube of the Montezuma branch, I thought I'd like to add a couple to the fleet.

(Neither of these are my photos.)

So I started out with a couple of Micro Trains standard cabooses like these:

The first thing I needed to do was to remove the roof walks, upper ladder rungs and fill the holes.  Not sure if I'm going to fill in the windows at this point or not?

Instead filling the holes with some sort of putty, I decided to snip off the stems that hold the roof walk in place and then jamb some styrene into the rest of the holes on the roof and try carving them.

It looks a little rough but I'll try to file things down a bit more and then paint should cover the worst of my sins.

The second one is in process.