Sunday, December 31, 2023

The Barn's roof

One thing I wanted to do to this barn was give it corrugated metal roof.  

I found some online from a company that showed some, but was unsure of the actual size as they just said it for "HO & N".  So I took a chance and I got lucky.  Looks close enough for me.

I glued roof to the barn with the roof supplied by Showcase Miniatures so I had a good solid base to work on and to help keep the kit structurally sound.

I started by cutting the material into roughly 3' x 10' strips.  It's pretty heavy foil and it doesn't seem to flatter out like typical foil would.

So I got started, piece by piece....

Once I get it all glued on, painted and weathered, I'll come back and beat it up a bit and bend up some of the edges for an aged, wind blown looked.

Monday, December 25, 2023

Barn weathering

As always, I get ideas as I'm doing something and decide to strike out and see what I can do with the idea before the project is finished.

After getting the outer facade applied the structure, I got to thinking about how best to weather it?  I thought about washes but with cardstock I wasn't sure it would be a good idea to apply something wet on it.  So I dug out my trusty Pan Pastels and started playing around with some on the scrap portions of the kit.

After getting an unseen area coated, I decided to go for broke and try the facade.

Here's the raw facade.

Here it is after applying some Pan Pastels.

Here are the four colors I used:  

Orange Extra Dark    Neutral Gray

Raw Umber               Raw Umber Shade

I sparingly applied the Neutral Gray in a random pattern.  Then applied the Raw Umber in the same way but a bit more heavier and blended the two together.  I used the Orange Extra Dark along the roof overhang to highlight where the sun didn't beat down on it.  The Raw Umber Shade being a bit darker was used along the bottom to show dirt splatter.

I'm kind of thinking about dry brushing or using a sponge to add some remnants of white paint?  

I'm also kind of wondering if I should use a darker gray since the area I'm modeling is not in a dry, arid climate?  The darker gray may give it a damper look with a bit more moss?


Saturday, December 23, 2023

The barn

After a few months of a modeling pause, I tried to get started back on the barn (a kit by Showcase Miniatures) for the farm scene by Winnfield.  

I had ordered some Roket Glue by Deluxe that's supposed to be designed for Cardstock models.  This stuff is advertised to work on paper/cardstock kits and have a pretty quick bond?  We'll see...

Anyway, I got the first four walls up.