Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Milwaukee Road airslide hoppers

I've been wanting to replace two of my Milwaukee Road Delaware Valley or Bowser airslide hoppers with some nicer Atlas airslides.  

I started with an Atlas Frisco hopper because it had most of the lettering that I needed and the undercarriage was already painted black.  Which meant I only had to remove the large Frisco lettering, the reporting marks and the car numbers.

This was done using 91% Alcohol applied to the lettering and then using a toothpick I started rubbing it over the lettering.  Within a few seconds the black ink started to let loose.  After about a minute or two of constant rubbing, the lettering was gone.

The alcohol didn't affect the gray base color.

Once I had everything removed, I shot the entire car with a coat of Dullcote and applied the Microscale decals.

Overall a pretty simple job.  Of course, now that these are done, Atlas or Micro Trains will announce their versions.  Oh well...

One is for me and others I did for a friend.