Sunday, October 22, 2023

The Farmhouse weathering Pt2

Found a little time to work on the farmhouse a bit more tonight.  I got the chipping done on the walls and shingles, touched up the holes in the roof and added some dirt to it.

While I still have some more details to add, I'm sticking a fork in the house for now, this way I can move onto the barn and get it a solid footprint.  This will allow me to start terraforming the foam where the farm will be.  

Saturday, October 14, 2023

The Farmhouse weathering

After getting the house looking like it's falling apart, I finally found some time to get back to it.

The first thing I did was to get a couple of holes in the roof and add some roof joists.  Then I used two shades of gray Vallejo to simulate the aged wood that will be showing through when I start chipping the final paint coat.  For the roof, I brushed on some Vallejo Tire Black.

Once that was done, I sprayed a couple of coats of AK Heavy Chipping Fluid on the entire model and I let it dry completely before I sprayed a final coat of Vallejo Off White for the house and some Vallejo Light Gray for the shingles. 

The shingles look a little light, but by the time I add some darker wash and rub some of the Light Gray off, it should darken down a bit.

I'll let it dry before attacking it with a brush and toothpick to get the chipped look for the paint and weather worn shingles.

Sunday, October 8, 2023

The farmhouse

After getting the foam glued down, I figured I should try and figure how much room I'm going to need for the farmhouse, the barn and the other little outbuildings before I start shaping the foam as I'd like to leave that area flat.

With that in mind I started working on Delony's Barn from Showcase Miniatures, but moved it aside as I ordered some Roket Glue Cardstock glue from Deluxe.

While I'm waiting on that to arrive, I pulled out the 3D printed farmhouse that I snagged off eBay recently.  It's not a bad model and it's my first 3D kit I've worked on.  I think it's a resin print?  It was under $20 with shipping so I figured it wouldn't be all that good, but it actually ain't too bad.

Even if the print quality wasn't very good, seeing how I plan to make this into an abandoned farmhouse, I'll be covering most of it with weathering and what shows through should add to the dilapidated appearance.

I started out by filing the inside of the windows, cleaned up some fuzzies that were left between the porch railings and spindles, sanded the porches and roofs so they fit a bit tighter, but like I said, since this will be in the process of deterioration, I don't see the need for perfection here.

I watched a video by Boomer who did an old farmhouse similar to this and tried to follow him for some ideas to add a bit of detail.  The first thing I did was to add some fascia on the gable ends and some gutters and will add a few downspouts as well. 

As you can see in the last image, the window frames are rather rough, but for what I plan to do to them, it shouldn't matter much, plus it should add to the deteriorating look.

As I mentioned earlier about the windows, I wanted them boarded up.  Not sure if I'll board the upper windows or not?   

The next thing I worked on was the porch railings, I wanted them in bad shape.  I cut and broke some of them, then glued them back in place. Some of the others I warmed them up with the help of a lighter so I could bend them slightly.

I have some plans for the roof, but I'm working on that now.