Tuesday, April 2, 2024

GP7 #439

Following close on the heels of the 434, I put the finishing touches on the 439.  Mainly had to work on the distressing the decals a bit.  Other than that, I used the same methods as I did for the previous units.

Applied the major detail parts, paint, applied the major weathering, decal application, minor details and sealed it.

Unlike the 434, the 439 was one of the unlucky GP7's that never got rebuilt during the CRP and soldiered on until the shutdown wearing this early maroon scheme.

One thing I still may add to the 434 & 439 are the all weather windows.

While I still have several more version of GP7's to add to the roster, these two will be the last major locomotives rebuilds for a while.  I had some unexpected time on my hands for the last three weeks and took advantage of it, but I really need to get back to the layout and work the scenery.