Friday, October 11, 2013

Sounds of Construction in Malvern, part 3

After getting the siding glued into place, I decided to use a spray bomb of Rust-Oleum to paint it with.  I found a nice neutral color called "Fossil", it looks like a sand color with a tinge of yellow.  For the windows, doors and facade I chose a chocolate brown which I thought would be a nice contrast to set things off a bit.  At this point, I'm not sure I will add trim pieces to the corners of the building or not as it might be a bit too much.

I glued the windows, doors and facade to the building using the same Loctite glue I used to for siding.  The Rust-Oleum has a Satin finish so I will need to spray the whole building down with a nice flat finish before I can start any weathering.

For the roof I used some Wet/Dry 320 grit sandpaper and glued it down to the roof

The next thing I'll need to work on is getting all the roof and building details ready to assemble and attach.  I think some vertical storage tanks might be in order as well.

Overall I think this will work very well for a building technique.  I'm not sure if it's that much cheaper than buying a commercial kit or not.  So far not counting the plywood and my time, I've got close to $62.00 in the glue, styrene, paint, windows, doors and the Legos.  But at least I have a unique building that I can make fit to an area that have.

If you have a bunch of old building parts laying around that you can put to use, then it might be cheaper.  Unfortunately, I didn't.


  1. It looks awesome Allen! Looking forward to more buildings on the Little Rock!