Monday, October 14, 2013

Sounds of Construction in Malvern, part 4

This was a good weekend for me, I got quite a bit done at Malvern!

After getting the main building to a good stopping point I decided to tear into the chip loading shed.  I got it partially assembled and then painted Saturday night. Sunday after I got the chores done I found some time to get it assembled and test fit.  I still need to get the roof painted and then I'll need to add a foundation to the bottom of the base of the building,  There is no cork under the siding so I as it sits now the cars just fit under the opening! I also got some blocks of wood cut and shaped for a couple of dust/chip collectors, that will be another small thing to tie up.

While waiting for it to dry I got thinking about the conveyor I needed that will bring the logs into the plant.  I jumped on my old friend Google and started to research conveyors and came up with several ideas.
I went back down to the laboratory and started to rifle through some styrene.

I started with a strip of balsa wood for the base and then added a couple of  styrene "U" channels to each side so that I would have something to glue the sides to.  After getting the sides glued on and knowing that the unit will be sitting back away from the front edge, I thought I might be able to get away without building an actual conveyor bet.  Once it was together, I just painted the balsa wood floor with a dark gray acrylic and viola!  Instant conveyor belt!  Once I put a few logs on the belt, you'll never even see it.
I also need to make a small shed to house the power unit for the conveyor or maybe just a small power unit to sit next to it like  a small gas or diesel generator?

Now I need to look at building a small canopy over the conveyor to keep the weather out.