Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Pratt Truss Bridge

The deck bridge is all but done, I just need to get the bridge track painted and assembled to the bridge.  I also need to finish the spurs into Calion Lumber, but I'm waiting for the glue to dry on the short section of cork so I can sand it to a slope before laying the track.

I also need to get the feeder wires dropped and soldered on the mainline as well, but I probably won't do this until I get the bridges installed.  So I guess I'm at a point where I can probably start on the second bridge that will be used to support the drill track (what is actually a lead off to an abandoned branchline).

For the second bridge I'm going to try my hand at building one of the Central Valley 150' Pratt Truss bridges.  

I'm not sure if  I'll use just this bridge or if I'll add a small deck bridge on one end. I really haven't laid out the river for a width other than just a few scribbles on the ceiling tile, so I'm working by the seat of my pants here. 

Once I get it built and collect some abutments I'll have a better idea of the size that I want to make the river.

This section of the overall re-alignment project to the layout has really slowed to a crawl compared to the work I redid in Ruston and DuBuch.  It was just simple trackwork.

Here, I need to build kits and then install bridges, which it's been a long time since I installed any bridges.  I think it was back around 1995 or so when I installed these bridges on my Bend Track T module.

I used two of the KATO truss bridges and two of the Micro Engineering 40' open deck bridges to span this river.

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