Monday, August 22, 2022

Rock Island U33B #273

Put the wraps on my fifth and final U33B.

This time I actually had the presence of mind to take a couple of "Before" pics this time.

As I've done with the previous four, all the weathering was done with several Pan Pastel colors.  In this case I used Raw umber tint to fade the paint, Raw Umber to tone down the fade so it was so stark and then Black for the soot.  I also used the same colors on the trucks and fuel tank.

I did not use the Tamiya Black Panel Liner this time for oil and fuel spills, but I may go back and add a little?


With this project wrapped up, I'm not sure what I plan to do next?  While I do have 5 GP35's on deck next, I may start working on the next scene on the layout.  This would be one of two things:  1) The Ouachita River Bridge scene (the bridge in the images above)  or 2) Reworking all the tracks in the town of El Dorado.  Basically removing most of the existing yard tracks and the A/D tracks.

One thing I do plan to do this fall is to start listing a lot of the extra stuff that I don't need anymore: Rolling Stock, Locos and some building kits.  Since eBay started with their nonsense of the $600 limit, I plan to start listing stuff on several of the Forums and probably Facebook.