Friday, August 19, 2022

Rock Island U33B #199

This is the fourth U33B to join my fleet.

Nothing very special about this one over the others, however I did find out the other night that the #190 & #199 were the only two U33B's to wear the Red and Yellow scheme.  I did not know this when I was planning for the U33B build, the only reason I wanted two of the Red and & yellow units is because my fleet is lacking units wearing the this scheme.

I tried to keep this one from being too filthy.

Here's a comparison of a weathered and freshly painted loco to give you some idea of the amount of weathering I'm applying.  They both started out looking like the one on the right.

I picked up the fresh one from eBay a few years ago.  Even though I knew it was a foobie just like the ones I'm working on now, I was happy to get it until I got it home.

It had no details applied, the walkways were left black, it didn't have a 5 chime horn, but the biggest thing I didn't like was that this is a B23-7 and most of those IIRC included an Anti-climber on the front porch, which Rock Island never had.  So it'll be going back on the chopping block soon.

One to go...

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  1. New looks good but then again weathering gives it authentication
    6 of one and a half dozen of the other 😉