Friday, August 5, 2022

First of the 5 U33B's #190

Been steadily working on the U33B's.

I got all of them decaled, had a good fight on my hands with the sill striping though.  They all wanted to break apart in and out of the water.  Applied three coats of Microscale Liquid Decal Film which helped a little.  The decals were kind of old, but only the striping gave me fits.  Which is why the sills are not shown yet.

Finally picked up some new 1/32" white stripe decals and they worked better.

Finished the first of the five U33B's tonight.
It still needs couplers and the front headlights installed, but the weathering is complete.

The weathering was all done with Pan Pastels. The oil and fuel leaks and all the grills were darkened with Tamiya Black Panel Liner.
I sealed it with several light misted coats of my dulling agent. Had I covered it with a single heavy coat, most of the powders would have faded away.
Pan Pastels do not fade as bad pastel chalks, but they do fade, especially the lighter colors.  I had to go back and reapply the pans on the trucks and fuel tanks a couple of times.