Thursday, November 4, 2021

The weeds be growing

I'm finally getting around to weeding the yard.

I started by applying a layer of fine ground foam made from several colors to serve as a base for the weeds.  This was done mainly to give the weeds a thicker appearance without needing to use a lot of static grass to cover the brown paint.

And yes, eventually I'll get the nails pulled.


Once it was dry, I dabbed on full strength flat Mod Podge with a 1" sponge brush directly to the ground foam base to glue the static grass.  

After getting a stretch down I was happy with the result but, I noticed that it looked to even, almost like a golf course, save for the ragged edges between the weeds and ballast.

BTW, this is 4mm grass made up of four different colors: Dark, Medium & Light green with a pinch of Straw tossed in.

So I grabbed the fine Earth ground foam that I had mixed with the Mocha colored grout and started applying it randomly over the foam base to make patches of bare dirt.  I sprayed it with water and then applied the 50/50 glue to secure it.

Once it was dry, I again applied the Mod Podge with foam brush on the foam base only, carefully avoiding the dirt patches and started applying the static grass again.  After it had set a bit, I vacuumed up the excess grass.  Yeah, this looks better.


After the areas on each side of the yard were covered, I started working down between the tracks in the same manner, but I used a smaller 1/2" foam brush to apply the glue in smaller patches.  The areas to the left are just the ground foam and the areas on the right are after the static grass was applied.


I'll continue doing this until everything is covered.  Then I'll come back and start randomly adding some of the weed tufts that I made as well as in weeds between the ties throughout the yard.  I'm planning to come back and adding some coarse foam over the grass/weeds to help break up the uniform look, my plan is to give it a look of larger leafed weeds? 


  1. Looks good. Just be warned... any weeds you add between the rails on heavily used (mainline or yard) tracks might either get dislodged when cleaning the rails later on OR else interfere with the trains rolling along the track. On little used sidings weeds look great, but I found they cause problems on highly used tracks. Your mileage may vary...

    1. DandH, you make a good point and I have had that thought sitting on my mind the entire time. There won't be much traffic in the yard, 3 trains maybe? But I understand and can see them coming loose and lodging in some gears of a passing loco.

      I did try some grass between the ties already, a small patch. I used both 2 & 4mm and while the 4 looks good, the 2 looks a little short, but it's still green. Hopefully I'll be able to tuck them down in between the ties so they don't stick up to high.

      I'm going for looks and as long as there is something green between the ties, regardless of length, I think the mind will fill in the rest?

      I don't plan on overdoing the weeds throughout the yard, just in small patches and plan to test it out before going all in with it. If I find it to be troublesome, then I'll probably just use fine ground foam for the weeds.

      I appreciate your concern and advisement.

  2. Adding the bare dirt areas really made a difference. Nice job!

  3. Lots been done since I took a look just now Allen, coming along very nicely. Lots to learn about how grass grows and looks in real life. Much more yellow in amongst grass than we realize also.
    Various colours and sizes of dirt are a key also.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Rod.
      Yeah, I started out with a darker green and soon found that it needed to be much lighter. I also added some yellow grass to give a bit of variation.
      I probably should go back and dust the earth/dirt with some lighter shades to highlight it a bit, again more variation, less monotones.