Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Engine house foundation

For months I've been stumped.  I wanted the engine house removable so I clean the tracks and fetch anything that would get derailed.  What's had me stumped was to find a way to scenery up to the foundation, glue it and still allow me to remove the building easily.

Tonight while staring at it I decided it could use some concrete pads in front of some of the doors.  I figured I could use some .040" styrene to simulate the pads and butt them up to the building.  The building base is about the same thickness.  

About that time the light bulb came on!  Why not just add a concrete pad all around the building?   So I marked the shape of the building and cut the styrene to fit the footprint of the building.

Once painted and glued in place I should be able to scenery up to the pad and still be able to easily remove the building.


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    1. Thanks Dwyane! I hope this works like I have it envisioned?

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  2. Hi Allen. I also like to make my structures removable, and my usual approach is to glue the building's concrete "floor" to the layout, with small pieces of styrene glued onto it to hold the structure in position. I've been following your discussion on RMR forum, and if I ever remember my password I will post some photos to illustrate what I mean.