Monday, October 24, 2016

Out with the old, in with the new

Moving right along, tonight I got started on replacing my old PM42 for the main section of the layout.  Earlier this year I received my DCC Specialties PSX Circuit Breakers and my one PSX-AR.

When I wired my layout I used a PM42 and one older PM4 as it was already wired up.  Since then I learned about the PSX Circuit Breakers and decided to acquire some.  As of now the PM's are working good with no issues.  

One thing I found out about the PM's that I did not like was, once installed the Command Station didn't see the shorts and never made the audible noise when a short occurred.  The PM's did not make any kind of noise other than the quite "Clicking" when a short occurred and with my hearing not being the best, if there was other noise around, like others talking or chatting, I wouldn't hear the "Clicking".  

On several occasions when others were over, they would stop and listen, then ask "What is that "Clicking" noise?"  At that point I'd holler out "We have a short somewhere!"    

When I was looking into these PSX units I read that they could have a buzzer installed on them!
I later found out from a fellow modeler that the buzzers are good and loud and actually turn into a Warble if the short persists too long.  I'm looking forward to hearing these!

The first PSX 4 ready to go!

I unhooked all the wires from the PM42 and marked them with tape.  I removed it and installed the new board with the PSX4 and reattached the wires and threw the power on.
Viola!  Back in business!

Upon testing them, I was a little disappointed.  The loud buzzer seems to be a very, very high pitch whine and it harder for me to hear than the soft clicking of the PM's.  Maybe I should wire in a Klaxon?

Also the bottom buzzer (the blue disks) is sounding all the time even without a short present?  Gonna have to look into this deeper and see if there is something that needs adjusting or re-programmed?  Other than that, the Quarter test trips the breakers and they seem to work.  I plan to do some further testing with the RRampmeter.

Next will be PSX3 and PSX-AR for the yard...   

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