Wednesday, October 5, 2016

An MKT rarity on the Little Rock

The other day while track side I was blessed with seeing a rare MKT loco.  I've heard of the unit and seen pictures but I have never seen it in person until this afternoon!


Years back while visiting a buddy in KC, we went railfanning and was lucky enough to actually see this unit in person, sitting in Katy's K.C. yard waiting to head south.  Since then I've always thought it would be cool to have one of these for the layout to run with my FPPX train.

Years later I ran into a guy on eBay who I had purchased several custom Rock Island locos from him previously. One night while snooping through eBay I found another of his listings.  This time he had done the #401-B using a KATO F7!!!

Well I gathered enough guts to actually make contact with him to see if I he would be interested in building me as well, but instead of using a KATO, I wanted mine made with a Intermountain unit.

Well he agreed and several years later here it is!!!

Thanks Chuck C.

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