Thursday, January 7, 2016

A New Kitchen part 6

Tonight I found time to get the panels for the doors worked on.  First thing to be done was to mark and cut the arch on the top of the panel.

This was done much the same way the arch was cut into the top rail, by use of another jig fixture but with opposite patterns.

First I inserted the pattern and then positioned one end of the panel to the edge of the pattern.

Second, I strike a pencil line to mark the pattern shape on the panel.

Third, I cut the panel on the bandsaw as close to the line as possible.  It doesn't have to be perfect as the panel will extend into the groove in the rail and will never be seen.  The pattern will ride on another bearing to give a nice straight line.

Once all the panels have been cut, I clamped them into the jig with the matching pattern and now it's off to the shaper.

Again you can see the silver bearing below the panel cutter, this is what the pattern will ride on while making the shape.  The cutter head is a three wing cutter, about 4" in diameter.  You can also see an aluminum plate above the cutter.  This is  for safety and it helps keep the chips from flying upwards.

With all of the arches raised on the shaper, I replaced the shaper fence and set up the power feeder to do the remaining three sides of the panels, as well as the three lower doors that are square.

All the panels are now done and piled on the cart ready to be sanded, then assembled.

The last thing to do was to test fit a couple of the doors to make sure everything was shaped properly.

Next up, assembling the doors...

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