Friday, January 22, 2016

A New Kitchen part 9

Over the last couple of nights I got the most mundane part of the doors done: Hand sanding with the random orbital sander, ugh.

I started out sanding the doors and drawer fronts with #120 grit disks to get the cross grain scratches out from the widebelt sander and the to smooth the routered edges up. Then I switched to #180 grit disks to sand smooth all the surfaces.

Once this was done I needed to bore the doors for the Blum concealed hinges. This is an easy operation with the aid of the Handy Dandy Blum Mini-Press!  With the machine I have, not only can you drill the three holes per hinge at once, you can also load a hinge on the insertion bar and "Press" the hinge into the hole you just drilled.

The large hole is 35mm for the hinge cup, the two smaller holes are 8mm for the nylon dowels.

These hinges are the 38N 1/2" overlay hinge with a softclose mechanism built in. They will allow the door to open to 105°  They also have a built-in 6 way adjustment feature.  By turning three different screws you can adjust the doors Up & Down, Side to Side and In & Out (from the face frame).

Here's how they can be adjusted

Here is the Mini Press in action.

This morning I picked up the Old Master stain, so I hope by the close of Sunday afternoon I will have the doors and drawer fronts stained, sealed and topcoated? The next step will be to get the parts for the cabinet boxes cut out on the CNC router.


  1. Looks great Allen! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Coming along very nicely Allen. No time for modeling I see LOL. Our second daughters name is Lisa.

    1. Thanks Rod.
      Nope, no modeling for a while yet, siiiiiigh...I'm hoping to have the kitchen done by spring.