Monday, January 25, 2016

A New Kitchen part 11

Sunday after the stain had dried overnight, I got over to the shop to get the sealer coat sprayed on. Then after lunch I went back to make sure the sealer was dry enough to sand, which is was.

After getting the sealer coat sanded and cleaned off, I switched the airless pump over to the top coat, a semi gloss formula, and began to spray the backside of the doors and drawer fronts first.

These are the backs of some of the drawer fronts that were freshly sprayed.

After a few hours of dry time, they are ready to be flipped so I can spray the frontside.

I took a break for a few hours to let the backsides dry before flipping them over and spraying the frontside. I started at 9:30 and was done by 6:pm.  I think I had a total of 4 hours for the whole process not counting the drying time.

The material that I'm using is called a "Conversion Varnish". It's a post-mixed catalyst product [ meaning you need to add 10% of the catalyst to it before you spray to activate it ] that is very durable and will resist scratches and marring.  It's also very water resistant unlike a plain Lacquer finish.  It dries very quickly and has a very strong odor.   It's also very potent stuff and a mask is definitely required.  By the time I walked out, I had a big case of the Munchies even wearing a mask.

The doors and drawer fronts are now done and ready to be installed.

Next up, the countertops.  I have to wait until my buddy gets some free time so we can cut the cabinet parts out on the router as I do not have any working knowledge of his CAD program or his CNC router. 

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