Tuesday, February 2, 2016

SNOWMAGEDDON !!! February 2, 2016

Or at least that's how they were forecasting it for the last week and half....

They were predicting 12-15" in town, but I think we wound up around 5"- 6", which I am not complaining about.

With the doors and drawer fronts done, I had some time to kill before getting the countertops made up.  One thing I've been neglecting has been the basement.  Last fall and early winter I was busy selling stuff on eBay and I kind of let things get out of hand like my box supply.  So I took full advantage of the snowday today and got after it.

After an hour or so of cleaning I got it to look more like this.

Not perfect, but at least I can walk around it now without needing to be an Olympic Gymnast.  I also wanted to test a few locos that I had scored on eBay so I turned the system and got them tested.  Then I thought:
"Why not see if I can get something running"?  I had a trio of units sitting on the mainline from where I left them set back in May.  

"Hmmm?  I wonder if they will even budge or not"?  Dialed them up and they began to move, not very fast, but they were moving!   After a couple of laps to warm them up and dragging the cleaning cars around, they were running quite nicely.

As evidence, I still have a lot to clear off the layout yet, but one thing at a time...

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