Sunday, February 28, 2016

A New Kitchen part 12

I decided to take on a side project that would help with the issue of storing some of the stuff in the existing cabinets when we start to remove them.  I have a closet at the top of the stairs that has only been used for nothing other than junk storage.  It was made with nothing more than a typical closet normally has, a shelf and closet rod. I always had the idea of making it some sort of a pantry storage.

One day while snooping on Google images for ideas about spice racks I stumbled upon several pictures where they poster had used "Slatwall" paneling in their mudroom or laundry rooms to store their cleaning supplies!

While this one is made of pegboard, I thought slatwall would give a cleaner appearance?

I'm not a huge fan of Euro style cabinets, but for this situation I thought they would work great.
What I designed was nothing more than two open shelving units with adjustable shelves.  These would sit on each side of the door opening.  The left side was 6" deep and the right side was 17" deep, both were 17 3/4" wide.

3/4" white melamine would work perfect for this project, one to brighten the closet and two easy to clean.

After getting the cabinets drawn up, I had my friend draw them on his CAD program and then upload them to his CNC router.  A real time saver!

This video shows the router working on the first sheet of parts.

Once the parts were routed out, I ran them through an Edgebander that applied a 1mm White PVC edging to the face of the parts. Then I laid them out and started to assemble them.

The deep cabinet with one side, top middle shelf and bottom screwed together.

Assembled and sliding the 1/4" back into place.

Ready to install.

Same closet, new interiors!

This whole project took less than 3 hours to complete.
An hour to route and edgeband the parts, 30 minutes to assemble the two cabinets and an hour to prep the closet and install the cabinets and slatwall.

Now we have someplace to store stuff from the kitchen when we start ripping it out.  When we're done we'll use it as a pantry / cleaning supply storage.

Now, as for trains!  I'll have a post next about getting the layout cleaned and ready for a possible Op Session, because this is a blog about my layout in case you think I've forgotten, lol.....

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