Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Kitchen part 4


With today being a holiday where not much happens (other than recovering from a hangover which I did not because I don't drink), I was able to take advantage of the free day and made some good progress on the doors and drawer fronts for my kitchen.

This morning I double checked my parts list against the actual frames and started ripping up the material.  

After getting the material ripped and milled, I got them chopped up on the Up Cut saw, then stacked them on the cart.  

But before I can run them through the shapers for the Cope and Stick profiles, I need to cut the Arch in the 4-1/4" upper rails.

Next I started cutting up the panels for the doors.  I got the pieces cut for length, then matched them up for an oversized width and marked them.

Next step was to joint the edges before gluing them up.

Once jointed, good old bar clamps, lots of bar clamps were used to glue the panels together.

Done!!!  I'll let these dry thoroughly overnight.  A good day of progress.


  1. Great progress and that shop looks enormous.

    1. Thanks Rod!
      It's not huge. It's in a 2400 sqft building, 40'x 60'