Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Olin-Chlor expansion, part 6

At the rate I'm working on the expansion of Olin-Chlor, this may wind up having quit a few posts in and of itself.

Anyway, I managed to get the the catwalks sprayed tonight using TTX.  It may be hard to see the difference in colors, but the TTX yellow is slightly darker than the molded NEON yellow Walthers used.

With the painting done, now I can move forward with the assembly of this frustrating kit.  I think after I get it built and placed, I'm hoping it's going to give me a clearer idea of how things will line up at Olin-Chlor.  The two key structures will be the building and the refinery kit.  I may still cut the building down in depth a bit.

I think all the piping and the storage tanks should be a breeze by comparison.

Edit: Click here to jump to "A bit of a set back at Olin-Chlor"


  1. Great Idea to add the handrails while the walkways are still on the sprue. Old dog and new tricks Huh.

  2. Yep, Sometimes the gray matter still functions, LOL!