Thursday, September 11, 2014

Olin-Chlor expansion, part 3

I sit here tonight pondering what have I gotten myself into?

Thinking I about had Malvern whipped after getting the Olin-Chlor building all but done.  I found myself  looking at a space that may be too small for what I wanted to do.  While things should fit OK in that space, it's more of a matter of where to fit it.

I had some good suggestions from others;  Less buildings, more parking lot with space for trucks, move the building around, add another track for another tank car unloading spot and go hog wild with piping!

All of which sounds good.  One thing I thought was to do away with the new building altogether and build one of North Island Refinery kits and put that in there in place of the new building and then just have a ton of piping and more storage tanks, both vertical and horizontal. Most of these would lined up against the track that leads to the two tracks by the loading platform.

So I decided I would dig out one of the kits and get started........let me tell you, either I'm getting old, been away from kit building for too long or the Walthers kits have gone down hill, in regards to the instructions!

If you have never seen this set of instructions,  it is absolutely void of any verbiage what so ever.
They show the parts, show where they go, but nowhere does it tell you which part needs to go together first or in what order!  One thing that really gets under my skin is to have to do something over, especially if it isn't a particularly fun job.

Now I've built quit a few model kits in my days, including several Walthers and DPM kits and those were a breeze compared to the this refinery kit.

I got burner box done first, but not before having to dismantle it so I could get the stack inserted.  The entire piping jungle wasn't as bad, but again there was nothing stating which piece you should start with, but I got it done.  Tonight I got started on the larger towers,  but before long I gave up on it and decided to get some locomotives finished up and back together for a friend and forgo the kit for a second night.

LOL, I had planned early on to build both kits and use them for Olin-Chlor thinking all that piping would look stellar!  Well as I'm writing this post, I'm beginning to think there has to be another option if I want some kind of towers like what's in the Walthers kits?

I don't know maybe I'm getting burned out and just want to get some actual scenery started so I don't have to look at the brown ceiling tile any longer.  I've got a static grass machine that I'm dying to use as well as a bridge scene between Calion and El Dorado that I've been dreaming of, but hate to get it started and lay another iron in the fire?

Then again, maybe I'll just open a bottle of the MEK and leave it open while I work away and before long the towers will be done, not sure how well done, but done.

Edit: Click here to jump to "Olin-Chlor expansion part 4"


  1. If you are at a stumbling block, I say move to another project on the layout. It's not like trackwork that it must be done. It can wait. Find something else to work on that is fun. Then one night at 3am, you'll wake up with the perfect idea for the industry. :-)

  2. I'm seriously thinking about it. But I'm not that far from completing the Olin-Chlor scene.
    I'm sure that is what will happen though. Then I won't be able to sleep and I'll have to go down and play with it until 6am and by then I'll have to head off to work, half asleep...LOL