Sunday, September 14, 2014

Olin-Chlor expansion, part 4

Well I got home from my shop around 3pm Saturday afternoon and went directly downstairs.  The first thing I did was to get another one of the small nagging projects finished and off my bench the first thing.

Then I turned back to the North Island Refinery.  After deciding to continue with it, for no other reason than I've gotten this far with it.  I decided on a color for the main stacks and got them painted a white with a little gray mixed in to change the color so they weren't stark white. Then I painted the burn building [or whatever the hell they call it since the verbiage is non-existent in the instructions] and the piping cage with an Oxide Red then sprayed over that with a Old Silver lightly so it takes on a slightly rusty appearance.  I'll go back later and add more rust to specific areas using oils or acrylics.

Next I started to tackle the catwalks.  I glued some railings on the walks first while they are still attached to the sprues.  This way I have something to hold onto while gluing the railing to them.  

Once that's done, I'll spray them with a duller yellow than what their molded in.  Then when dry I'll snip them off the sprues and glue them to the towers.

The thing I'm not sure about is since everything is painted, I'll have to glue them to the painted surface, but I think the MEK will eat right through the paint and then I can go back and touch them up, if nothing else it'll be a good excuse to add rust to those areas.  I'm hoping that I don't have to scrape the paint off of every area.

If this refinery works and if I cut the building down in depth, I think things should fit a little better.  I might pave the area off with styrene as some have suggested and then build some sort of overhead support to run more piping over the pad to where the tanks are that I have envisioned next to the loading tracks.

Also gonna have to find something to make some good looking tanks.  One thought was to use some crappy old tank cars that I have on hand and turn them upside down so the dome are pointing down.  Then make some racks and set them side by side with piping running across all of them.

This piping is something I have never attempted before, so I'll be flying by the seat of my pants!

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  1. Hi Allen
    M B Klein has a Tomix Tomytec oil pipe set in stock. It might be the answer.

  2. Rod,
    That is in fact exactly what I had in mind! However it is kind of short [in length] for what I had in mind. Although a short one could work? Being 1/150 scale isn't a problem here but the price and the length may be. I think with some Evergreen "H" & "I" beams and a little glue, I can make something that will fit the exact length I'll need.

    Thanks for the thought though! I always welcome input!

  3. Hi Allen
    Great minds think alike :-)
    Green Max also had a great kit many years ago with lots more piping, supports and fittings like valves etc. I do not know if it is still available.
    Hey come to Australia next April we have another convention coming up in Brisbane then come visit us in Melbourne. I could show you about 10 very cool N Scale layouts to make the trip worthwhile.
    A few of your country men are coming.

  4. I've never seen the Green Max version, but I do have two old Walthers HO kits of nothing but piping and fittings that I plan to make use of.
    Rod, I would give up both of my family Jewels to make a trip down under! It's one place I would love to see in my lifetime. But with my current lifestyle, I'm afraid the only way I'm going to see your country is via the internet, :( But thanks for the wonderful offer!

    If you ever make it here, look me up.