Monday, September 15, 2014

Olin-Chlor expansion, part 5

I may be a little late to this party, but I have a new modeling tool!

The Touch N Flow glue applicator!

I've know about these for awhile, but the other day a friend gave me his to use and so far, I gotta say I wish I had this years ago!

Yesterday I started gluing the handrails to the catwalks on the refinery kit.  Last night after getting the Touch N Flow loaded up, I got a few more done, tonight I got the rest of them glued on.  It made it very easy to apply the glue without knocking the little handrails off the catwalks!

If you don't have one, look into getting one.  Their not very expensive, around $8 for the applicator or the entire kit can be had for around $16.

Another thing I learned:  I picked up some MEK [Methyl Ethyl Keytone] from Menards.
I like the Ambroid and Plastistruct liquid glue as well Tenax 7R glue, but hate the price and rumor has it that this stuff might be going away.

MEK is very strong and needs to be used in a well ventilated area and you don't want skin or eye contact either.  So be VERY careful and read the instruction first.  Also do a little research on Google about the stuff before using it.

Glues like Ambroid, Plastistruct and Tenax 7R are kind of expensive; $4 to $6 for a 2 oz bottle.  I picked up a couple of quarts of MEK at Menards for $10 each. That equates to about $0.63 for a 2 oz bottle. I have enough now to last a lifetime. 

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  1. It makes me nervous using something that toxic in the house. Especially, near the bedrooms where the layout room is located. I need a separate shop at the next house.

  2. Easy solution: Wait till the neighbors are gone and use their place. >:)