Sunday, July 30, 2017

The track realignment is complete!

This evening I was able to finish the track work at Fordyce thanks to Doug F.  I was short two medium Peco turnouts and he happened to have a few on hand, Thanks Doug.

I still need to drop a few feeder wires and work a few kinks out of the sidings, but with this section done I can now get things cleaned up (and I mean a thorough cleaning) and ready the layout for an ops session to give everything a good shakedown. Woohoo!

Here's how it turned out and looks with the max amount of cars per siding.

Even though I say all the tracks are in place, I will probably still need to adjust the spurs in all the locations once I start working on the buildings.  The tracks are still just tacked into place and can be moved or adjusted if needed.

Once I get the next session ran and all is good I can then get started on the scenery!  But I have no idea where I'll start?

I still have some track work left to do, but I will need to install the raised portion of El Dorado between the yard and backdrop first.  I'll need to raise it approximately 3" and then add the Woodland Scenics foam 3% incline to reach a couple of industries I have planned in El Dorado proper.  This will not affect the operations as I have a short spur next to the yard that is used for the two industries in the town. It might be awhile before I get to that though as I want to get some color on the layout first!

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