Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Changes at Fordyce

In the last post I mentioned about removing one turnout and connecting two spurs, well that went by the wayside.  While adding the Gavilon Fertilizer plant in Haskell I removed one small industry that received flat cars, which left only industry on the layout that used flat cars.  Wanting to have a more flats in use I came up with a company that received pipe on flat cars.

It produces Irrigation piping and I named it Ozark Irrigation. Along with loaded flat cars, some pipe may arrive on Bulkhead flats aswell and also gets some a boxcar for some of the smaller items like fittings needed to produce the irrigation pipe.  

This new industry replaced Dixie Woodworks and will probably not allow me to have the street running as I had planned.  But that's progress.



The next project is to reconfigure Flappers on the left.  Before I had the Flappers Litter track on the right side of the main in the background.  Now I'm gonna have to move it to the left side.  

Another side project that needs to be done with all this realignment is to reconfigure the Wheel Report and add a few more Tabs for all the new industries

Once I get done with the trackwork in Fordyce, I plan to clean up the wiring a bit, then I want to put together an Op Session to test and see how all the work pans out.   



  1. If you are looking for more fun ways to use flat cars, check out Bell Pole (http://www.blpole.com/) they ship wooden utility poles all around the country. A location on your line is more than plausible. The poles are usually so long you have to have an idler car on each side of the car carrying the poles.
    Here is a pole car:
    Tractor loads to team tracks or implement dealers would have also been very common in your era.

    1. Thanks Karl.
      SOO (Y-It) mentioned the same thing, but he's planning on having the same type of pole plant on his Cardigan modules, so I don't want to take that from him by having a similar industry. But I like the idea of using the idler cars!

      I had one industry that was an implement dealer but I removed it when I added Gavilon Fertilizer. I'll see if I can find room for a team track?
      Thanks for the input Karl.