Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Riceland complete.

While relaying the elevator tracks last week, I ran out of  turnouts so I had to order a couple. They arrived tonight so I slipped down quick and got them installed.

One thing I did was to address the closeness of the elevator tracks to the mainline. Doug M. brought this to my attention after getting the mainline relaid behind Riceland a few weeks ago.  This should allow me to get a bit scenery or fencing between the tracks now.  Good call Doug.

The only thing left is to attach the feeder wires and trim the tail end of the elevator tracks.

I did forget that I have one more small bit of trackwork left to redo in Fordyce.  I want to remove the turnout for Dixie Woodworks and attach that spur to the spur for Flappers Litter track.  Two reasons for this.  1) I want make a little more work for the Haskell Turn so they might have to move any tank cars sitting on the Litter track to access Dixie Woodworks.  2) I want to try and get a little street running on the layout and I don't want to have a turnout buried in the middle of the street.

Fordyce seems to be a good candidate for this because of the viewing angle. Standing at the bend in the layout you can look right down the tracks.  I also want to move the spur for the Litter track and Dixie Woodworks a bit towards the backdrop so I have a little wider area to layout the street.

We'll see how this works when the time comes.  Here's the reason I kind of forgot about it, it was buried just a bit.

In this view you can see the turnout that I want to remove that's just in front of the blue tank car.  That spur will connect to the end of the spur with the two black tank cars.  Then I will try to move them a bit closer to the right towards the backdrop.  This also has the bonus of having one less turnout on the mainline.

Once I get this work completed, I plan to get an op session together to test all the new track I've been working on for the past few months.  Another thing I've been working on, I've been rebuilding my Wheel Report, adding the new industries and cleaning it up a bit.  Another reason for the Ops session, to test out my Excel skills! Thanks for all the help on that Steven!  

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