Friday, July 28, 2017

A light power move...

Earlier this week I took a break from track work and installed a few more chips.  Now when I get ready to have another ops session I will have a few more locos to use.

GP38-2 - 4303
GP40     - 363
U33B     - 298 (It's a B23-7 for a stand in until Atlas decides to produce them)
GP40     - 367
GP40     - 382
GP40     - 368
GP40r   - 3001
GP38-2  - 874   (MoPac)


  1. Nice variety of locos Allen. With those fine bridges that's going to be a great looking scene once you get some scenery done. Like you wishing for the U33B, I wish for the U30B in WP.

    1. Thanks Brad.
      I asked Paul from Atlas if they ever planned to doing this model. The reply was a simple "NOPE". Then a few months later they announced a HO version, in Rock Island nonetheless! So I've been keeping my fingers crossed and holding off painting any of the B23/30 stand-in's that I have ready. But then again, if they produce them, Mr' wallet is not going to be very happy.

  2. Wow what a great addition to the fleet.
    Very envious.

    1. Thanks Rod. This should give me enough Rock Island power so I won't need any foreign power on any train, except some pool power thrown in here and there.