Saturday, November 12, 2016

The B&B Gang arrives!

This seems to have taken years for them to get here, it's been 8 years come to think of it?

When I first laid out the tracks between El Dorado and Calion, AR I wasn't really sure what I wanted other than a bridge scene.  So I laid the tracks straight hoping some idea would come along.

A couple of the crew remarked that I shouldn't have the tracks parallel the benchwork and suggested a slight curve in the main to break things up a bit, sounded good to me.  So what I'm planning is to have the main line curve towards the backdrop at a slight angle as it comes out of the yard in one continuous curve. It'll straighten up and cross the bridge and swing back towards the existing "MQ" siding at Calion.

The second track between the main and the backdrop is the drill track for El Dorado.  Which in my books is an old branch line that has been abandoned but is now used for the drill track.  The bridge was left in and is used for the drill tracks if needed when making longer cuts.  There's no real reason to have left it in other than I wanted it in the scene (see rule #1).

The drill track will follow the curve of the main being just a bit sharper so it doesn't cross the river at the same angle.

I plan to install this Central Valley bridge on the drill track and add at least one or two of the Micro Engineering deck bridges to lengthen the span.

For the main, the plan is to use three of the Micro Engineering deck bridges for a 240' span across the Ouachita River.

Tonight I got started on the first of the three deck bridges!

It's been years since I've built one of these, I hope I remember how to do it? 


  1. Good to see you still at it Allen. This should make a very nice scene. I to am against straight tracks,
    best regards
    PS I have just acquired a Mopac GP 38 and a few cars to hopefully get to run on my old SFRSD once it is up and running. Of course that will all depend on how John feels LOL.

    1. It feels good to my hands dirty again with track work Rod.
      Looking forward to getting these bridges in for a couple of reasons. Hopefully they'll turnout good as I plan to use them for photo shoots.

      Aaaaahhh MoPac, I miss the Jenks Blues