Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ruston Re-visited

Well the track gang foreman got the pink slip today!

Quin came over for lunch today and took a look at the new trackwork.  After a few minutes of discussion it was decided to modify the tracks at Ruston in a way that was very close to what Greg B. told me to do the other night.  I should have listened to him, but I didn't have a large RH turnout in my stash.  After lunch we picked up a large RU turnout.

I removed all the mainline track from the South turnout at DuBach to just past the diamond at Ruston. Then I pulled up the junction track.  Quin had the idea that if I curved the ICG track further to the South of where the old 45° diamond was and installed a new 60° diamond that it would give the illusion that the ICG was heading off in a Southerly direction away from Dubach if you looked at the whole picture.

So I pulled out the rail nips and cut the mainline a few inches South of the old diamond and began to gently curve the mainline back towards the backdrop.  I did the same with the junction track.  This moved the junction turnout about  3" closer to the backdrop and gave me a much broader curve leading into DuBach. 

The only thing that kind of bugs me is the track takes a sharper curve through the turnout as it takes the diverging leg.  But if you look at the overall area it does have a much better flow through Ruston than it did in the original plan or the more recent arrangement.

Thanks for the input guys!

The original design

The recent design

The latest design

In this shot you can see how far I moved the new 60° diamond South, look at the two black marks just above the new diamond and after the track splice.

Another thing it did was to give me a much broader curve between Dubach and the junction turnout.
Looking at the black marks, you can see where the old main was located at.

Now I just need to re-drop the feeders and file the track joints and I can move the next section.

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