Thursday, May 5, 2022


I started on these reeds about a month ago and got sidetracked making trees, so I'll post about them now before I forget again.

What's a body of slow moving water without some reeds?

I started out using some Woodland Scenics Light Green Field Grass.


I grabbed a small batch and pinched it with a pair of tweezers to flatten them out. With a scissors I evened off the bottom.

Then I dipped that end in some Matte Medium and let it dry.

I trimmed the tops off to a length of about 1/2" even, later I cut a few at a slight angle so I would wind up with a few different lengths.

Using an exacto I split them into smaller batches.

I placed them on the creek using Alene's tacky glue, once dry I dry brushed some of the tips with glue and sprinkled on some fine brown foam from Woodland Scenics Plant Hues set for the cat tails.

After getting a batch made up and getting them glued into place along the edge of the creek, I decided to make another thin pour of the Realistic Water so it looked like they were IN the water.


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