Saturday, May 7, 2022

Loblolly Pines 2

After getting the Crayons melted and applied to the twisted wire trunks, the next step was to spray paint the Sisal.  For this I chose to use Krylon Camo Brown which I had on hand. 

These ten trees have been painted and ready for foliage.


I chose Woodland Scenics coarse foam in Medium Green for the foliage. To apply the foliage I used this spray adhesive by Loctite (again because I had it on hand) and sprayed the Sisal with a good coat but not real heavy. 


I dumped a large batch of the foam into a plastic tub and stirred it up so it was not packed down.  I first dipped the top of the trees into the foam and then laid them on their sides and rolled the trees in the foam.  This only allowed the foam to stick on the tops and outer edges and left the inner branches bare.  This gave them that open and airy look.

This was followed by a generous coat of hairspray to lock it all in place.


The next step was to respray the trees with another generous coat of hairspray and apply a light coat of Woodland Scenics Medium Green Flocking with my static grass applicator to give the appearance of having some needles (yeah I know, it's a little hard to see them).


While these are by no means a perfect match for Loblolly Pines, I think they'll fit the bill, especially once their planted alongside the Supertrees?

Now I can start planting trees...


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