Sunday, March 6, 2022

Static grass at Whitewater creek

I finally got around to getting the static grass applied at Whitewater creek, and touched up the rip rap with some Pan Pastels.

It might be a little lusher than I had envisioned, but the next step will be to apply random coarse weeds and low brush over the area and then try my hand at making some tall reeds along the edges of the creek bank.

With this step finished I'm going to start getting most of the heavy scenery material stashed away and start cleaning up the layout.  What's left can be done without using the layout as a workbench, I hope?

Speaking of the workbench, that's my next goal as I have several items that's been sitting around for several years that I want to get wrapped up, including two locos that need painting.


  1. You can also spray paint it or dry brush it with various shades of green, yellow, and brown to help give it more colors and tones.