Sunday, February 27, 2022

Applying a grass base to the Whitewater creek scene

Not sure about others, but I like to post "in progress" pics of what I'm doing.  Seeing an image of the "Plywood Plains" and then another image of the finished scene leaves a lot questions for me.  Seeing multiple images of the progress for me is informative and gives me an insight of how things works and look throughout the process.   

With that said, the following images show the transformation from latex Earth to the beginning of the Vegetation.  Over the course of the last few nights I spread down a layer of full strength Mod Podge and dumped on an abundant amount of blended turf and padded it into the glue, this is the start to the grass base.  The next night I vacuumed up the excess.  Next I sprinkled on some darker colors of turf and glued it in place with a 5:1 glue mix.

I also added riprap to both ends of the bridge.

Once this all dries I'll attack the riprap with some Pan Pastels to give it dirty dusty appearance and then I can start applying the first round of static grass.

I also like having lots images so that I can go back and see what I've done before and use them to mimic or adjust things for the next area. 

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