Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The edges of Whitewater creek

Almost sounds like a movie or soap opera, eh?

I used some lightweight spackling to fill in all of the major divots and joints in the foam and then got it all painted with my earth colored latex, this will also stiffen up the surface of the foam a bit, at least now it's starting to look more like a landscape than the surface of some planet from the original Star Trek series.

Awhile back I watched a video where another N scale modeler made a bog or a marsh using Celluclay to create the main feature.  I thought I'd try his technique for the banks of the creek and help make it look like the water has undercut the edges in places.

So I grabbed some Sculptamold (that I've had laying around for years, just begging to be used) and made up a small batch of Ground Goop.  I did add some dark brown craft paint, but it only made it look pink and not brown (good thing I'm planning to repaint it again).  I made it kind of thick and started applying with a small spatula, working it into the edges, then trying to lift it up to create an undercut.  

Once it dries, I may try and do a little chipping in places and then try to smooth out the creek bed a bit then cover everything with my earth colored latex one last time.

What was I saying about Star Trek?

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