Friday, February 18, 2022

Whitewater Creek, the undercuts and creek

Well I've been working away slow but sure on this simple project now for over a month.  

After getting the undercuts added with Sculptamold I gave the entire area another coat of latex earth then turned my attention to the creek.  

I had kind of planned to have the creek nothing more than a stagnate stream so I painted the bottom with a dark brown artist acrylic but I wound up with more brush marks than I wanted.  I should have thinned it with some gloss medium to alleviate the brush marks.  The color came out OK, but the brush marks stood out too much and the gloss medium I applied later made them even more apparent.

So I decided to do a pour using Woodland Scenics Realistic water and tinted it with a brown craft paint (Nutmeg) to give it a muddy appearance much like what was in the Google earth photo.  This covered the brush marks after two thin pours.

The only thing that I didn't like was the WS water was extremely glossy.  So after a lot of discussion with some friends, I decided to apply a thin a coat of Golden brand GAC 500 (a liquid medium) mixed with another Golden brand medium called Soft Gel Semi-Gloss.  After brushing a light coat on I dabbed it with a foam paint brush to make some small surface ripples.  I didn't want any white caps, just enough to kill the glass like surface and to diffuse any glare from the overhead lights.

Here I applied a sample to a test spot before applying it to the creek.

It didn't come out exactly the way I wanted, but it should be fine once I get the scene finished.

Now I can finally get the bridge installed and the mainline reconnected and continue with the scenery. 


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