Sunday, January 2, 2022

Sticking the proverbial fork in the Biddle engine facility

While I'm sure there are probably a hundred or more things I could to do to it, and thousands more detail parts to add, I'm calling it done for now.  The only thing that I may still add to the facility and yard for now would be some of the grass/weed tufts that I've made. 

I've had a real enjoyable time working on this scene!  Over the past couple of decades of reading, watching and soaking up ideas for modeling, I was finally able to bring a lot of them to the front burner and see what I could do with them.  This includes anything from trackwork to scenery to weathering and finally some photography.

I also wish to thank Mike Confalone for posting images of his Madrid engine facility which gave me the inspiration for my facility. 

Here are some images of the current scene of the Biddle facility.

These are a few that I played around with Helicon Focus and added backdrops to, but I've still got a bit of learning to do.