Monday, August 26, 2019

Construction in Fordyce

After sticking a fork in the scene at Gavilon, I decided to move on to the town of Fordyce.  Instead of trying to get all the fine details wrapped up at Gavilon I figured I try to get more scenery roughed across the layout and cover up the brown paint and ceiling tile.

To start with I got the mainline ballasted through town and then started on the buildings.  The first one is the new Walthers Modern Concrete Warehouse that I'm using for the processing and cold storage building for the Flappers Chicken complex.

This is a pretty nice kit, the parts are clean and well designed, though the instructions are kind of lacking.  Once I got the walls laid out how I wanted them, the kit went together pretty fast.  One thing I really liked about this kit were the rail doors.  They were pretty much spot on where I needed them.  The truck doors I just kind of winged them into place.  

Before seeing this kit, I had planned to kitbash and scratch build a building for this location.  One thing I was going to add was a Pike Stuff add-on truck loading kit, but I was able to make use of the truck loading doors on the backside and end with this kit and was able to keep it a little more compact than originally planned.

Not happy with the molded color, I found a Krylon color called Sandy Pebble that is close to beige.

Once painted and assembled I got the details added then I started working on the roof.  I was looking on Google maps for ideas of how to paint the roof and found some on a large local industry here in town.  While studying the images the thought occurred to me that I should try my hand at printing it off and fitting it to the kit.  It took me a bit of doing but I think it turned out OK.    

I built the four rooftop AC units from the kit and then used some larger cast AC units that I found eBay a few years ago.  It wasn't until later after getting these home that I realized what I was looking at.  These are exact copies of the MTL load from a few years ago,  roof top AC units that came on a flatcar, but they worked good for this build.  I also added a bit of ductwork to them for the freezer rooms.

I still need to add a few more details to the building, and will do so once I get the other buildings assembled and sat in place.    


  1. That roof has turned out great. Great idea.

    1. Thanks Rod! It took me a few runs through the color rendering to get it so it didn't look so blue. But I'm kind of happy with how it turned out. A lot easier than painting it, LOL

  2. Very neat idea for a that roof. I've used paper for roofs on buildings, but never thought to print the detail on it before installing it. Thanks for the tip.