Sunday, August 11, 2019

"Next stop: Fordyce, AR"

With Gavilon to a stopping point, I want to move down the line to the next town: Fordyce, AR.  My plan now is to keep from getting bogged down with details like I did with Gavilon, so I will get the buildings built and painted so that I can get the spurs positioned into their final position, then I'll get the scenery roughed in before moving onto the Calion, AR.

This is Fordyce in the rough.

Not a lot of rail activity in Fordyce but there are two larger industries on this portion of the line.  Flapper's (on the left) is a chicken Processing plant much like Tyson's Chicken.  This industry receives live chickens (yeah I know, they mainly come in via truck, but for now, they come in via stock cars as well) at the older original building which will be the slaughterhouse.  I plan to start with the Walthers Water Street Freight Terminal for this building.

Right directly behind the slaughterhouse is a new addition to the plant.  This will be the actual processing house and cold storage facility.  Walthers newest building release should work pretty good for this.  I was planning to try my hand at bashing one of the Walthers Superior Paper kits, but with this new kit, there may not be as much bashing required?  Plus it has two ready made railcar loading doors which is just what the doctor ordered.  If possible I plan to make some sort of a covered walkway to and from the old and new buildings to keep the workers happy and out of the elements.

On the other side of the tracks is another fictional industry that I called Ozark Irrigation.  This industry receives loads of pipe via flat cars in the yard spur and misc small parts via a boxcar or truck dock.  Finished products are shipped out by truck and or rail depending on the order from customers. 

When I seen the Walthers Two Stall 130' Brick Diesel House I thought this might be a good choice due its overall long and narrow footprint for a company who deals in manufacturing irrigation piping.  The Pipes go in the rear of the building raw and leaves out through the front in crates or pallets?  I plan to do some bashing or additions to modernize a bit.

Now we'll see how this goes and how many changes come once I get started with this project.


  1. Sounds like a good plan. See you are in the groove again already.

    1. We'll see how well it plays out Rod. Thanks!