Sunday, January 27, 2019

More ballast and some green at Gavilon

I just about have all the ballast down on the Gavilon tracks.
This was the last section to get glued tonight.  This is the turnout for the hopper unloading spur.

A little further up the line past the grade crossing is the tank car siding, I added a smidgen of Yard Mix ballast to give it a dirtier look.

Further up the line still is where The Rock cut the abandoned line to add their connection. The grayish peppered ballast is the Kinzu colored ballast that I'll use on the rest of the mainline.  Hopefully when I get some grass down the colors will stand out better?

Finally I got some earth colored foam down on the grade crossing and then added some blended turf to see what a little color will look like.

The splotches on the road is from the alcohol that I sprayed on the ballast before applying the glue mixture.  I still plan to add more grass and weeds to the grade crossing once I get to that stage, but for now I want to finish applying the ballast to all the tracks in Haskell.

It feels good to be working with some scenery for a change.  I forgot how much I enjoy ballasting.  It's a little tedious yes, but get some good tunes on and it seems to fly by.