Sunday, January 13, 2019

Progress at Gavilon Fertilizer

I found a little bit of time this weekend to get the main structures assembled for Gavilon.

The actual M.A.C. kit called for 4 sections between the two end caps on the larger building, but I opted for only three which gave me a bit more space for the small elevator shed in front.  This will be used for bulk loading of fertilizer trailers or trucks.

For now I used some "I" beams to support the downspout..... they look a little big but I need to add some more details and adjust the length of the downspout.

The next step is to paint the structure to match the unloading shed in the 2 tone gray scheme and add the roof, doors, windows and the other details.  Then I'm going to try and get some scenery down in this area, starting with the wood crossing planks into this facility so I can finally do some long awaited ballasting.  I've held off on ballasting as I wasn't sure exactly how the buildings were going to fit or where and I wanted to install the wood crossing first.  

The Riceland elevator and mill buildings that I have here now are just stand-ins, once I get the new kits built and situated I can ballast pretty much all of the tracks in Haskell.