Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Haskell to Winnfield realignment pt2

Making a little progress on this latest realignment project.  The way things are turning out, I was able to squeak by without ripping up a ton of track.  

I decided to move the curved turnout back to Haskell and it seemed to work out much better. It actually has given me a larger radius on both tracks.  Now I need to decide what to do with the turnout?
Do I power it or leave it manual? 
If I power it, do I use a choke cable or switch motor?
A buddy has a DCC capable Cobalt machine that I can use?  Hmmmm?

During Ops it will not be used, so leaving it manual may be an option for now?

Before and After of Haskell.

Before and After of Winnfield

In the last photo, the track that crosses the diamond from the backdrop is the continuous run connection, this is not used during a session other than parking some cars on it and serving as the EOT.  It's primary purpose is so I can bypass the yard when I'm running by myself.  The other two tracks lead to the yard.

It will definitely look a lot cleaner now and..... the "S" curve is gone!

Here's another shot further down from Winnfield.

Just out of the picture at the bottom is a 45° crossing.  From this point to the diamond the mainline will have to swing out towards the fascia to meet the new connection track seen on the right.  The spur for Union Scrap was never permanent, It was placed where it's at so we had a physical spur, I'm kind of thinking about relocating it a bit, maybe to match the swing of the connection track?

Once I figure out where and how the mainline will wind  up, I'll relocate the spur for Union Scrap and get everything wired up.  Then life will be good again....

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