Thursday, April 27, 2017

Haskell to Winnfield realignment

Tonight I got a chance to remove the large curved turnout and some of the track.  It looks like I may get somewhat lucky and not have that big of a job on my hands that I anticipated.

After pulling it up I laid it over by Riceland and if I can leave a bit of flex in front of the existing turnout that leads to Malvern, I maybe able to the tweak it to the right enough so that things will line up correctly.

This should give the mainline a larger radius without any turnouts between here and the yard and allow it to parallel the backdrop without an "S" curve.

The continuous run track will also have a bit larger radius, but I will have to do a little fiddling to get it to line up properly with the 90° diamond on the Winnfield side.

I'll move the diamond to the right so it lines up with the first section of loose flex. The loose section of flex right next to the backdrop will be removed and the section of flex with the insulated joiners will be removed as well.

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