Saturday, April 15, 2017


Well the time has come to upgrade my Simplex Digitrax Super Chief  Radio to the newer Duplex system.  

While I don't NEED all the bells and whistles that comes with the Duplex upgrade, I have two DT400r's from the original starter sets that a buddy and I got and one of the DT's was showing issues when I plugged it in.  The screen would flash back and forth between the track power voltage and the series ID of your throttle along with a series of Hex numbers.


Pwr 11.1V
0000 0o 0301

DT300 v1D

It would continue to repeat this and never settle down.  Now the second one is showing the same symptoms.  After a little digging on the net I found out it had something to do with some capacitors that would go bad over time in the original DT300's and 400's.  

After conversing with my Guru, he advised me to get them sent in and have them fixed and while they were in for repairs to have them upgraded to the Duplex, as Digitrax sent out a notice that they were planning to retire the Simplex system shortly. Following his instructions, I shipped the first DT400r in for repairs and upgrade along with a UT4r to be upgraded.  Then I picked up a UR92 from him so that when the time came to send the rest of my throttles in for the upgrade I would still be able to operate the layout with these two throttles.

To help offset the cost of this upgrade, I've been turning to eBay and started thinning the herd to scrape up a little extra to help pay for this, but it's still gonna hurt.  

Before shipping them in I want to get the UR92 installed and test the two throttles to make sure the system works. Then in the meantime while the throttles are in for the repairs and upgrades I plan to start ripping up the mainline between Haskell and Winnfield to realign the main with a larger radius and a new alignment into the yard.  Right now it's a bit tighter than I'd like and I've had issues with longer cars derailing as they enter yard from Haskell.

Due to lack of experience (or over excitement) when I first started laying the track, I grabbed two sections of Atlas 11" radius curved track.  While this isn't the main problem, I also have a PECO large radius curved turnout following them and this has created a dreaded "S" curve.  60' and shorter cars normally do not have issues, but not so the case when I run auto racks and TOFC's. So this needs to be rectified and I figured it would be a good time to do this while the throttles are in for upgrades and repairs.  

At the present I have no plans for anymore Ops sessions until these two projects are complete.  Hopefully they will be done by this fall.


  1. I just made the upgrade to Duplex as well. I was having issues with the simplex signal, so it seemed like the logical thing to do. I wish Digitrax would make a Duplex erosion of the DT300, it was my favorite throttle.

    1. Never heard of anyone having signal issues with the simplex system?
      Is the signal strength stronger with the Duplex?
      Never used a 300, I went from a 100 to a 400 as soon as they came out with them. Made things much easier.

    2. My UR91 was having issues and Digitrax won't service it anymore.

      The 300 is the size of the UTD, but has the dual throttle knobs of the DT400, awesome combo.

    3. Oh that's right, I remember them now. We jumped from the 100's to the 400's.

  2. Allen. I went straight to duplex when I went DCC back in 2009 it works great. We even chose the best channels to use based on outside influences to the train room. Set up individual RR names so when taking our throttles to friends layouts that RR name came up on the screen when plugging in for the first time.
    It was good to be able to walk around without having to plug in. Battery life was a bit suspect however we found a good source for packs of 4/9V batteries including a charger from China at a very low cost.

    1. I've heard others doing that with interfering signals, never had issues of that that I'm aware of?
      I like that idea of Naming the Groups signal, that would be nice.
      I've been using Imedion rechargable batteries since I went wireless based on what my DCC Guru told. His group uses them and have been very happy with them. So far I can't complain.