Saturday, May 13, 2017

The "un-named" Pallet Co.

During my track realignment I decided to add a small one car industry in Winnfield.

While doing a little research, I discovered there was actually a Pallet manufacturer on the line that the Rock served, it was named "Someone" & Sons Pallet Co. Sounds a little boring to me so I decided to try and find a new name for it but keep coming up blank.

So I thought I would throw it out here and see if anyone can come up with a cute or catchy name for it that I could use. 

You got any names?

Update:  A follower gave me a good suggestion for the name.
He's resides in Louisiana and sent me this note.

Being in Louisiana, you just can not go wrong with a name such as "Boudreaux", that or one of those other crazy Cajun names that have far more letters than syllables.

So I combined it with another name I came up with for: 

Boudreaux's Bayou Pallets