Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A New Kitchen part 21

One thing I forgot to work on while I still had the cabinet at the shop was to make the actual breadboard.

A few months ago Quin made several cutting boards for presents and for something to do.  Looking for ideas and techniques he stumbled upon a cool video where a guy built a beautiful cutting board and filmed his process.

After seeing this I thought I'd give it a go. I didn't follow his technique to a letter, but kind of wished I had as my end result wasn't quite as good as his but I learned the reasons why he did the way he did. Bottom line I just didn't have the time.  It's something I can always go back and do when I have a few extra hours.  I'll link to the video at the bottom.

I started with plank of Hard Maple and then made a pattern and cut it on the bandsaw.

Here are the first five strips of Walnut and Cherry.

Then the next three and the last single strip.

After letting it dry overnight, I ran it through the wide belt sander to smooth out the joints and size for thickness.

Seen here the board is in place place with the front trim on and oiled down with mineral oil ready to use.

As you can see, some of the strips did not line up correctly.  This was because I just cut a line in the board and added the thickness of the strips which slightly changes the radius of the lines.  But now I know how and why the artist did it the way he did.  

Here's the video:

Last night we got the curtains hung.  Starting to feel like a kitchen again!

The flooring arrived today, so I'll be installing it this weekend if not sooner.  The electrician should be here anyday and the tile is planning to start on the backsplash the 11th of Aug.

Soon, soon I can get back to the trains!!!

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  1. Nice work Allen and the kitchen is coming along very nicely. We have settled into our temporary home a 2 story town house that is about half the size of the one we sold so it feels very different but good at the same time.

    1. Thanks Rod.
      As of tonight, we are just about done.
      Glad to hear you folks are getting settled into your new surroundings.