Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A New Kitchen part 22

Two steps closer!

First step.
Last weekend I tackled the floor.  I tried a fairly new flooring product that is catching on around here. It's called Luxurious Vinyl Plank flooring or Floating Vinyl Plank flooring.  It installs a lot like Laminate flooring where it snaps together and lays lose (or floats) on the floor.  Unlike the Laminate floor, this is 100% waterproof and it's flexible, not rigid.  

You only need a few tools to install it as well: A sharp utility knife, a square, a tape measure and knee pads, well at least I did.

Here is a video for the brand of flooring I bought.
LVT Flooring   Skip ahead to 3:51 to skip all the prep work and instruction to see how it's laid in place.

After 5 hours on Saturday,  I had the main kitchen floor covered.  After 4 hours on Sunday I was done with the landing and two steps and the closet.  This included some baseboard work on the landing and steps.

It took me most of Monday before I could walk without hobbling along like a cripple, it really took a toll on my knees!

Second step.
Today my tile guy moved up the install date and was able to get all the tile installed and plans to get the grouting done tomorrow!   

The brown vertical trim in the last photo is edging for the tile, you can see it installed in some of the other photos.

Only four more things to do!
One - I plan to install the base shoe this Saturday.
Two - The electrician will tie up all the loose ends.
Three - Bring in the new stove, install the microwave and move the fridge back into it's new home and hook up the icemaker!!!!

Four - ENJOY our new kitchen.